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The Kinoomaadziwin Education Body At A Glance

AESThe Kinoomaadziwin Education Body (KEB) is a not-for-profit corporation that the Anishinabek First Nations approved by Grand Council Resolution in 2010. The KEB has a 12-member Board of Directors that is made-up of representatives from the four (4) Anishinabek Regional Education Councils.

The KEB takes direction from the First Nations on the steps required to set up the Anishinabek Education System. The KEB will support First Nations in their delivery of education programs and services and liaise with the Province of Ontario on education matters when the Anishinabek Education System is operational.

When the Anishinabek Education System is operational, the KEB will receive education funding from Canada on behalf of the First Nations and distribute 100% of the program and services funding to the First Nations. The KEB will develop a budget for First Nation approval on how the funding that Canada provides to run the Anishinabek Education System will be spent.

The First Nations will work together through the KEB to identify and address the First Nation educational priorities and educational goals.

CLICK HERE to read the full notice of the The Kinoomaadziwin Education Body Next Steps document. 

Shagi-gamiing Nibi BmosewinWFN Bass Lake Water Walk Poster

Bass Lake Water Walk

Friday September 15, 2017

Working Together for Nibi, Mother Earth, the People & Community

General Information: Crystal Osawamick, Maawnjidmi Getting Together Planner/Helper

Email: or Phone: (705) 923.4227

Potluck Feast Contribution: Lori Corbiere, WFN Cultural Coordinator (705) 858.0610 Ext.220
Bass Lake Area: Stefanie Recollet, WFN Environmental Coordinator (705) 858.0610 Ext.204

Please bring a dish for potluck and your feast bundle (reusable plate, bowl, cup, utensils)
No bottled water allowed. Miigwetch!

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Anishinabek Nation releases official education vote results

ANISHINABEK NATION HEAD OFFICE, (Nipissing First Nation) August 30, 2017—The 23 Participating First Nations who successfully ratified the Anishinabek Nation Education Agreement celebrated the historic achievement on August 16, 2017, in Chippewas of Rama First Nation. The official results of the Anishinabek Nation Education Agreement ratification votes for these First Nations were made available today.

“This is no longer a dream! Niigaan gdizhaami – We are moving forward!” says Grand Council Chief Patrick Madahbee. “I can't help but think about our students. The people who made this happen have really done something so important for them. What we did was historical!”

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North America Indigenous Games 2017

Amazing Performance By Nicholas Burke!Nicholas Burke

Nicholas received medals in all events that he entered

  • U16 Boys 4x400 RELAY Ontario BRONZE (Lex Hergott, Dallas Kooses, Keifer Scott, Nicholas Burke)
  • U16 Boys HIGH JUMP - Nicholas Burke - GOLD
  • U16 Boys 4x100 RELAY Ontario BRONZE Lex Hergott, Keifer Scott, Dylan Yzanbrandt, Nicholas Burke)
  • 800m U16 Boys - Nicholas Burke - SILVER
  • 300m U16 Boys –Nicholas Burke—SILVER

From all of your supporters here at Wahnapitae First Nation, We congradulate you on your great accomplishments and wish you luck in all your atheletic dreams!

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Anishinabek Police Governing Authority

May 18, 2017

Dear Citizens of APS Member Communities:

RE: Labour Relations Update to Communities We would like to take this opportunity to share some information regarding the collective bargaining negotiations that have been taking place between the Police Council, comprised of the Chiefs of each community, and its board of directors, the Police Governing Authority ("PGA"), with the Public Service Alliance of Canada ("PSAC"), a trade union representing our uniform staff.

Anishinabek Police Service logo

Collective bargaining is a process that allows employers and employees to negotiate an agreement on the terms and conditions of employment. Collective bargaining between the PGA and PSAC began in early March 2017. The PGA has bargained in good faith and remains committed to concluding an APS centered agreement. As a result of these efforts, we are happy to advise that the largest collective bargaining issue has been resolved. Officers will receive the same wages as members of the Ontario Provincial Police (the "OPP") once the province releases the funding. For example, this means that a First Class Constable will now receive $96,278.00 per year. Each officer will also receive retroactive pay to January 1st 2014.

CLICK HERE to read the full Labour relation update notice