Cultural Heritage Resources (TK)

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The Sustainable Development department utilizes our knowledge to inform environmental solutions. We have developed unique approaches to obtain local information from our members and through historical records to better inform our cultural landscape.

Some of the projects we have been working on include:

1. Native Values Mapping

We have been actively collecting native values data and integrating them into our GIS database since 1996. Through various projects and programs, we have identified areas of cultural significance to our community. We are constantly looking for information from our community to help inform our use of the land. We understand that this information is of a sensitive nature and ensure its confidentiality. We have mapped these areas and have used them in planning and management programs to ensure that these values are protected and available for our community, presently and in the future.

2. Native Values Monitoring – FMP

Wahnapitae First Nation is proactive in Native Values Monitoring. As we become aware of sacred areas in our territory through Traditional Use Studies such as the GRP, we update MNR so that it can be integrated into the Forest Management Planning process. These areas of concern are afforded forestry protection prescriptions such as modified operations and buffers zones. In 2015, we completed a helicopter fly over and drop in to identify potential impacts to our Native Values.