Economic Development

VISION: Wahnapitae Fist Nation will be a self-sustaining community that will protect the lands and environment for future generations and continue to prosper in all aspects of traditions, social and economic activities.

MISSION: To establish attractions that feed the local economic infrastructure and promote Aboriginal Culture and awareness.

Economic Development - Wahnapitae First NationContact Information:

Economic Development Officer: Marilyn Nicholls
Telephone: 705-858-0610 Ext. 211 Fax: 705-858-5570

The Wahnapitae First Nation’s Economic Development Department is funded by the Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada.

Responsibilities of the Economic Development Officer

  • Prepare annual LEDSP funding application each fiscal year;
  • Research & Proposal development
  • Prepare Budgets & reports for projects
  • Attend Committee meetings such as HR Committee for Glencore, (SINO)
  • Work with Wahnapitae Fist Nation Administration for project planning
  • Review and respond to referrals; and passing on info to Chief and Council
  • Attend Board meetings such as; Waabnoong Bemjiwang Association of First Nations (WBAFN)
  • Attend workshops/conferences relevant to Economic Development

Additional Business Information