Environmental Planning & Management

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The Sustainable Development department is responsible for the strategic management and planning of community based environmental resources. We pro-actively participate in environmental planning, monitoring and management. We aim to provide informed environmental solutions through strategic planning and development. We have developed community based plans that guide development and resource management. Our environmental programs are implemented through various projects, plans, policies and programs managed through the Sustainable Development Department.Environmental development

Land Use Plan (LUP) – The WFN Land Use Plan was adopted by leadership in November 2014 through Band Council Motion #...... The LUP outlines the Wahnapitae First Nation’s (WFN) goals for sustainable development within the traditional territory of the Wahnapitae First Nation. The document identifies specific land use zones that determine the use and management of particular areas. It also includes integrated resource management objectives that are directly linked to other WFN specific sub-plans, such as the Woodlot Management Plan, Waste Diversion Strategy, Economic Development Plan and Comprehensive Community Plan.

The plan will enhance relationship building efforts through the development of cooperative management arrangements for areas that include multiple jurisdictions.

The plan will provide a framework within which the WFN can work to achieve land use planning goals:

  • Build a Healthy WFN Community.
  • Build an Ecologically Sustainable Economy.

Next steps of our land use plan project include the development of a zoning by-law and developmental approvals procedures. WFN Land Use Document 2014