Forest Resources, Lands & Soils

Forestry Resources, Lands and Soils are another are of focus for our eco-based approach to environmental management. There are three forest management planning units that fall within the Wahnapitae River Watershed.

These include:

  • the Sudbury Forest (majority),
  • the Temiskaming Forest (northern tip of our watershed)
  • and a small piece of the Spanish Forest.

The Wahnapitae First Nation is actively engaging the forestry industry in order to effectively participate in managing our forestry resources.

Here are some of our forestry based projects:

Sudbury Forest – Vermillion Forest Management – The Wahnapitae First Nation is actively involved in activities within the Sudbury Forest. Vermillion Forest Management Company is the Sustainable Forest Licence (SFL) holder for the Sudbury forest and are responsible for the coordination for forest activities within the Sudbury Forest. Wahnapitae First Nation participates in the Local Citizens Committee for the Sudbury Forest.

N’Swakamok Forestry Corporation – N’Swakamok Forestry Corporation was developed with five other First Nations harvesting in the Sudbury Forest. Wahnapitae First Nation is a shareholder in this corporation. There has been little activity within the corporation in recent years. We are working on reviewing the project and providing updates and recommendations.

Pilot Project - Temiskaming Forest – Resource Revenue Sharing (2016) – We have been participating in a pilot project for Resource Revenue Sharing on the Temiskaming Forest. This pilot includes our community plus six others: Mattagami, Matachewan, Temagami, Beaverhouse, Wahgoshig, Taykwa Tagamou. The communities have been meeting during 2015 to determine the best path forward for this pilot project and the project will be implemented in 2016 for a one year term.

Native Values Monitoring – FMP
WFN is proactive in Native Values Monitoring. As we become aware of sacred areas in our territory through Traditional Use Studies such as the GRP, we update MNR so that it can be integrated into the Forest Management Planning process. These areas of concern are afforded forestry protection prescriptions such as modified operations and buffers zones. In 2015, we completed a helicopter fly over and drop in to identify potential impacts to our Native Values.

WFN Woodlot Management Plan – The Wahnapitae First Nation has developed a Woodlot Management Plan to guide the use of forest resources on the First Nation reserve land base. The plan identifies suitable areas for local harvest and use for our community in a sustainable manner.