Wahnapitae First Nation, Mission & Vision Statement


Workshop participants were asked to create a Mission Statement. Participants were asked to develop a statement that reflected the functions of the Band and its wishes for its members and how it will achieve these wishes.

Wahnapitae First Nation is a vibrant growing, prosperous and proud community who’s belief is based on the principle that this land is only borrowed from future generations.

"Wahnapitae First Nation will protect the land, water, air and environment while ensuring a self-sustaining community that will continue to prosper in all sectors of traditional, social, economic and cultural opportunities by providing spiritual, physical and emotional support to its members through increased participation and commitment."


Participants were asked to develop a broad general community vision based on the mission statement.

“Wahnapitae First Nation will be a self-sustaining community that will protect the lands and environment for future generations and continue to prosper in all aspects of traditions, social and economic activities.”

Participants then provided their vision for general aspects of the community, namely the following:


“Our vision for the people is to ensure their healthy well-being and to promote, create, enhance and maintain employment and training and education, and to create, enhance and maintain a greater awareness of traditional knowledge and teachings of respect, honesty and love.”


“Our vision for our economy is self-sufficiency and to promote, maintain and create businesses within the community”

Community Services

“Our vision is to ensure that all services are provided and available to all and meet their needs.”


“Our vision is to be state of the art and to provide access to technologies to all people.”

Lands and Natural Resources

“Our vision is to have a sustainable resources industry and to protect and ensure that the resources are managed in an environmentally sensitive and sustainable manner.”

New Opportunities

“Our vision I to take a proactive approach to creating new opportunities and to investigate all opportunities and act on these.”