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Wahnapitae leads way in sustainable development

By Joey Krackle, Anishinabek News, December 15, 2015

Wahnapitae First Nation’s Sustainable Development Department’s primary objective is to effectively manage our territory and development in order to ensure that there are resources available for our future generations.

Ducks Unlimited and Cheryl1

The department aims to provide a holistic and comprehensive approach to environmental management by implementing specific resource management targets and working with our industry and government partners to complement mutual resource objectives.

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To our Wahnapitae First Nation/Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations - A Glencore Comapny scholarship recipients 2015/2016

Mineral Related

Dakota Recollet
Fawn Pettifer

Mining Support

Emma Roque
Erika Gollan

Congratulations! And we wish you continued success!

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Aboriginal line crew program a success

By Ben Leeson, Sudbury Star, Friday, August 21, 2015

Jericho Pettifer started the line crew support program by dipping his toe in the water, but ended up immersing himself completely.

"It was way beyond what I expected," Pettifer said. "We actually got to do work. It almost felt like you were on the job site some days, so it helped us progress faster."

Aboriginal line crew program a success

The Sudburian was one of 13 young aboriginal adults to receive their training certificates Friday morning in a graduation ceremony at Cambrian College, where they were recognized before launching entry-level careers in the power line and construction industries.

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Anishinabek Youth Protect Mother Earth 2015

From the Anishinabek Nation YouTube Channel - "The Union of Ontario Indians invited Anishinabek youth to create a culturally-relevant campaign for environmental education and awareness to help protect Mother Earth. A session of sharing stories and ideas took place at the UOI Head Office in January 2015. 

Check out the "Protect Mother Earth" resource booklet to learn how our youth across Anishinabek territory are raising awareness, working on the land, and taking care of the environment." website:

Watch for our very own Environmental Coordinator Cheryl Recollet (at 2:20) and Geology Student Dakota Recollet (at 3:01).

An expression of gratitude

Paul Little Bear Recollet would like to acknowledge the generous support of the Dream Catcher Fund who enabled Little Bear to participate in Junior A hockey with the 2015 Greater Sudbury Royals and the Sturgeon Falls Lumber Jacks.

It is through organizations such as the Dream Catcher fund that encourages First Nation youth to follow their dreams and excel in their aspirations!

Chi-Miigwetch Dream Catcher Fund!