Our Team


Director of Sustainable Development - Cheryl Recollet

The Director of Sustainable Development is responsible for the day to day management of the Sustainable Development Department. Cheryl Recollet is the Director of Sustainable Development and is the key point of contact for consultation and negotiation strategies with government and industry. Cheryl also coordinates Taighwenini Technical and Environmental Services group, a team offering environmental services to Wahnapitae First Nation’s industry partners. Cheryl is a proud member of the Wahnapitae First Nation.

Cheryl holds a Master of Science Degree (MSc) in Environmental Assessment from McGill University. Cheryl also holds and Executive Certificate in Conflict Resolution from the University of Windsor and the Stitt Feld Handy Group, holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree in both Geography and Anthropology (Laurentian University), a Certificate in Applied Geography (Laurentian University), as well as a Diploma in Native Lands Management (Cambrian College); a program that highlights the jurisdictional challenges often associated with First Nation land bases. Throughout her academic career, Cheryl has been fortunate to gain employment experience in varying capacities within First Nation communities and organizations in Canada.


Environmental Coordinator - Jaimée Bergeron

The Environmental Coordinator is responsible for developing and implementing community based environmental programming for the Wahnapitae First Nation and surrounding territory. Jaimée is the Environmental Coordinator for the Wahnapitae First Nation. In 2012, she completed a Master of Science Degree in Biology (specializing in Freshwater Ecology) proceeded by a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology (specialising in Conservation and Restoration Ecology), both form Laurentian University.

Her primary role is to develop and coordinate community based environmental management. Another key function is to implement environmental components of formalized mining relationships. These include co-chairing joint site-specific environmental committees; reviewing regulatory regimes such as Certificates of Authorization, Permits to Take Water, Site Specific Standards; as well as coordinating environmental capacity development efforts Jaimée is the key point of contact for environmental based initiatives with our industry partners.


Resource Development Analyst - Stefanie Recollet

The Resource Development Analyst primarily monitors and assesses resource development occurring within the Wahnapitae First Nation territory. Stefanie, a proud member of WFN, is also responsible for policy research and development, leading historical and cultural research, community engagement, and to develop and implement Consultation Protocols with governments and industry.

Her background includes an honours degree in Law and Justice from Laurentian University and Social Services through Cambrian College. Stefanie enjoys learning about Anishinaabe culture and practices, and is currently a registered trapper and paddle instructor in Wahnapitae First Nation. She does cultural outreach work and has led canoe trips with the community's youth for the past 2 years. As an avid outdoors-woman she has a great respect for the land and understands that protection of Shkagamik-kwe is paramount, so she works with governments and industry to minimize environmental impacts from mineral exploration and project development in WFN Territories.


Environmental Field Technician - Josie-Ann Langelier

The Environmental Field Technician is responsible for implementing baseline environmental field studies for the Wahnapitae First Nation and surrounding territory. The Environmental Field Technician leads many of the field programs for WFN and partners. Her responsibilities include planning and implementing the technical aspects of natural resource management within the community, including terrestrial and aquatic baseline data collection, as well as work relating to surrounding industrial companies, environmental assessment activities and regular monitoring programs.

Josie-Ann Langelier is the Environmental Field Technician for WFN. She recently graduated from Collège Boréal in the Environment and Sustainable Development program as a Forestry Technologist. Some of her key responsibilities are to provide a wide range of wildlife surveys, environmental assessments/ monitoring, biodiversity initiatives and implement the forestry sector. She looks forward to working with the team and our community. Josie-Ann is a member of Chapleau Cree First Nation.


Community Based Water Monitor - Tyler Recollet

The Community Based Water Monitor is responsible for recreational and public water sampling of drinking water sources of the Wahnapitae First Nation; this project is supported by Health Canada. Tyler Recollet is a proud member of the Wahnapitae First Nation and has been the Community Based Water Monitor since 2012 and has received site specific training from Health Canada.


Waste Diversion Technicians - Paul MacDonald and Ed Roque

The Waste Diversion Technicians are responsible for waste management for the Wahnapitae First Nation. We have developed a strong waste diversion program and have become community leaders. Many First Nation communities are looking to WFN to help them achieve their Waste Diversion Goals. Our two Waste Diversion Technicians and highly motivated individuals who strive to ensure that we are diverting as much waste as possible from our landfill site.

Paul MacDonald has been the Waste Diversion Technician since 2010 when we offered our first curbside recycling run. Paul is continually improving the Waste Diversion program and is actively engaging the community to improve waste diversion habits while extending the life of our landfill.

Ed Roque has been the Waste Diversion Technician since 2010, since the launch of our Waste Diversion strategy. Ed continues to emphasize the importance of waste diversion efforts and to increase community member participation in our programming.


Environmental Effects Monitors - Tyler Recollet and Paul MacDonald

Responsible for the monitoring the water quality of industrial operations located within the Wahnapitae First Nation territory. Our Environmental Effects Monitors are also responsible for completing water sampling for our industry partners including KGHM Mine, Vale Whistle Mine and Glencore Nickel Rim Mine.

Tyler Recollet has been the Environmental Effects Monitor for Wahnapitae First Nation since 2010. He has received training in surface water sampling, ground water sampling as well as various field techniques.

Paul MacDonald has been the Environmental Effects Monitor for the Wahnapitae First Nation since 2012. He has received hands-on training in surface water sampling techniques as well as ground water sampling protocols. He also assists with our field programs as required


Geospatial Applications Specialist - Nicole Recollet

The Geospatial Applications Specialist is responsible for the maintenance and operation of our Geographic Information System (GIS). Our GIS provides strong geospatial analysis of projects and activities within in our territory and is the core of resource management for the Wahnapitae First Nation.