Water Resources and Aquatic Habitats

Water Source Protection PlanWater Resources & Aquatic Habitats | North River Spawning Study

The Sustainable Development department takes a comprehensive eco-system based approach to environment and resource management. Water Resources and Aquatic Habitats are one of our resource management areas. We work on water issues at a community based level including drinking water monitoring and Post Creek environmental sampling. We work on water issues on a watershed level including North River spawning studies and Massey Creek at the south part of the lake.guy turtle

We also are active at planning and discussion at the Treaty level and participate in discussions related to the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement and the Water Declaration from the Chiefs of Ontario. Here is a highlight of some of our water focused projects and programs.

We have six (6) areas of focus:

  • Water Source Protection Plan
  • Community Based Water Monitoring
  • Post Creek Stream Assessment
  • Massey Creek Stream Assessment
  • Mountain Creek Stream Assessment
  • North River Spawning Study