Draft Wahnapitae First Nation Education Law


1. Wahnapitae First Nation has inherent jurisdiction over education. This law is an exercise of our jurisdiction.

2. The Wahnapitae First Nation may collect personal and other information, directly or indirectly, for purposes related to the following matters, and may use it for those purposes:

(a) administering this Law and the regulations, and implementing the policies and guidelines
made under this Law;

(b) planning or delivering education programs or services that the First Nation provides or
funds, in whole or in part;

(c) risk management, error management or activities to improve or maintain the quality of
the programs or services that the First Nation provides or funds, in whole or in part;

(d) research and statistical activities that relate to education and are conducted by or on
behalf of the First Nation.

3. Wahnapitae First Nation shall not collect or use more personal information than is reasonably necessary to meet the purpose of the collection or use described in this Law.

4. Wahnapitae First Nation shall protect the confidentiality of personal information and will not report publicly report any personal information.



5. In this Law,

“First Nation Member” means a person who is recognized as a member of the First Nation and whose name appears on the First Nation membership list;

“Funding Allocation Agreement” means the five-year agreement agreed to by the First Nations that comprise the Anishinabek Education System for the distribution of Transfer Payments among the First Nations and the structures of the Anishinabek Education System;

“Student” means a person who resides on the First Nation reserve and who is enrolled and accepted by the First Nation into a Primary, Elementary or Secondary Education program offered by the First Nation;

“Post-Secondary School Student” means a person who is a recognized First Nation Member and who is approved by a First Nation for funding under the First Nation Post-Secondary Student Support Program in accordance with the criteria established by the First Nation as set out in the First Nation policies;

“Transfer Payments” means the payments received by the Kinoomaadziwin Education Body on behalf of the First Nations to support the delivery of Primary, Elementary and Secondary Education, to allow for access to post-secondary education and to support the operation of the
Anishinabek Education System.

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