WFN Post Secondary Education Assistance Program, Policy And Administrative Guidelines


To state the policy of the Band and the related administrative guidelines with respect to the provision of the educational assistance to registered Band post-secondary students.


1. General Information
2. Educational Assistance Available from Other Agencies
3. Counselling Services
4. General Functions of the· Education Department
5. Student Appeals


6. Student Eligibility for Assistance
7. Post-Secondary Priority List
8. Individual Assistance Limits and Conditions
9. Categories and Levels of Assistance
10. Supplementary Funding Requests for Special Events
11. Procedures for Application and Provision of Educational Assistance


12. Student Eligibility for Assistance
13. Procedures for Application and Provision of Educational Assistance



1.1 The Post-Secondary Education Assistance Program (PSEAP} is designed to encourage registered band members to acquire university, college and professional qualifications so that they can become economically self-sufficient and may realize their individual potentials for contributions to their community and other communities and to Society at large. The program provides support and a financial subsidy (subject to funding availability} to registered band members who are qualified and/or have been accepted by accredited provincially funded college, university, or private institutions as approved by the Ministry of Colleges, Training and Universities, into programs or courses which normally require the completion of-secondary school as a minimum academic entrance requirement. This includes those persons who are accepted with lesser academic qualifications in recognition of the applicant's maturity and potent!al for success in their chosen field of study.

1.2 To ensure that the maximum possible number of band students are able to achieve their academic and vocational goals through the funds available for this program, fair and reasonable performance standards for students will be established through the co- operation of the institutes of higher learning and the students who participate in the program. Reasonable participation in the program will assist in responsible management of the program.

1.3 The Wahnapitae First Nation Chiefs' Council is responsible for the implementation of the policy and guidelines.

1.4 The post secondary funding program is administered by the Wahnapitae First Nation Education Department.

1.5 The approval of funding based on the priority list will be processed through the Post­Secondary Education Selection Committee.


2.1 To avoid duplications of funding, students are to accept any and all educational assistance made unconditionally available to them by other funding agencies to offset a portion or all of the financial assistance required from this program.

2.2 Awards won by a student for outstanding scholarships, in competition with other scholars, are considered as incentive income and do not affect the computation of assistance benefits available to the student.

2.3 Directed scholarship awards, those financial awards specifically offered by an institution to an enrolled student for tuition, residence or books must be reported to the Wahnapitae First Nation Education Department and used by the student for that purpose. The Education Department will not provide 'duplicate' funding (e.g. pay tuition when student has been awarded tuition scholarships at a specific institution).

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