WFN Elementary and Secondary Policy and Administration Guidelines


means a registered status Indian, as defined in the Indian Act, whose name appears on the Wahnapitae First Nation Band List

"Community Member"
means a spouse, or a child of a band member residing within Wahnapitae First Nation Reserve No. 11.

means a person who resides on the Wahnapitae First Nation reserve and who is enrolled in Elementary or Secondary School in the Rainbow District School Board, Catholic District School Board or the French Catholic School Board and registered on the current Wahnapitae First Nation school bus list.
means the fee that Wahnapitae First Nation pays to the provincial school boards annually for each student to attend.

"Accommodations" means any charges for room and board or rent to attend private or independent school.

1.0 General Purpose

This education Law is an exercise of the Wahnapitae First Nation inherent jurisdiction to govern our own affairs and is intended to advance the best interests ot.Wahnapitae First Nation, to foster student well being and promote education progress and success and promote good educational decision-making. Wahnapitae First Nation intends on supporting educational programs and educational services that will benefit our people now and for future generations.

2.0 Student Tuition Eligibility & Start Up Allowance

2.1 To be eligible for elementary or secondary school provincial tuition the student must be between the ages of 4 and 19 years and:

a) Living on Wahnapitae First Nation land and; the Education Office or School Board and invited to participate, when such meetings occur.

4.0 Tuition

4.1 Services will be purchased for students who meet the eligibility criteria in section 2.1 from the Rainbow District School Board, Sudbury Catholic District School Board and French Catholic School Board within the Valley East District.

4.2 Students attending a private or independent school or school outside Valley East District by choice, are not entitled to accommodation or transportation services through Wahnapitae First Nation.

4.3 Tution fees to attend a private or independent school will not be greater than the rate at the nearest Provincial School Board to Wahnapitae First Nation.

4.4 We will pay tuition fees to other provincial school boards, provided the student is included on our current school bus transportation list or a permanent resident living on Wahnapitae First Nation.

5.0 Transportation

For full details on student transportation see the Wahnapitae First Nation School Transportation Policy.

6.0 Student Attendance Incentives

The goal of the Student incentive is to motivate students to attend school/classes and do better in their studies. It is important to note that high school incentives are calculated twice per year, once for each semester. Secondary incentives are distributed in February for Semester one (1) and in June for Semester two (2). Elementary incentives are calculated twice per year to coincide with the school report cards, and distributed in January for the first report card and June for the final Report

6.2 Elementary Students:

(a) Attendance Incentive: Incentives will be determined and distributed at the end of each of the two (2) terms during the elementary school year (February & June). 

Important - Excused absences approved by the school and/or with prior approval with the ,Education Office are not counted as an absence.

0 Days Absent = $40
½ day - 2 Days = $30
2 ½ Days to 4 Days = $20

7.0 Tutorial Services

7.1 Tutoring in academic subjects may be possible depending on current budget allocations. To request financial assistance for tutoring, the following is required:

a) Provide a letter of support from a teacher, counsellor or principal recommending tutoring assistance

b) Tutoring may be offered upon requests and availability of a tutor. Forward requests to the Wahnapitae First Nation Education Department.

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