Youth Engagement

The Sustainable Development department recognizes the importance of engaging our youth in our environmental projects in order to foster their interest and obtain their feedback into our programs. We encourage our youth to come to our department and learn about our new and exciting projects!

Here are highlights of some of our youth initiatives:

Youth Enviro Careers Workshop – We hosted an environmental careers workshop in August 2014 for the youth in our community in order to introduce them to potential future opportunities. The workshop was held during the Chiefs of Ontario Environmental Assessment Workshop that was hosted by WFN and was facilitated by Joseph Wabegijig, Deployment Analyst for Hatch.

Youth Canoe Trip (2013-14) – We have led two canoe excursions down the North River in the summers of 2013 & 2014. Community youth were guided down traditional travel routes used by WFN ancestors. These exciting adventures provided opportunities for experiential learning and exercised our affinity and occupancy of the land to raise awareness and protect our sacred waterways.

Anshinabek Nation Youth Environmental Awareness Campaign – We participated with the Anishinabek Nation to produce a video about environmental awareness. Our students, Dakota Recollet and Paul Little Bear Recollet attended the workshop along with our Cheryl Recollet, our Director of Sustainable Development.

Check out the video "Anishinabek Youth Protect Mother Earth 2015"

Youth engagement session at the Open House (2013) – WFN appreciates the value of the youth opinion, we strive to include forums specifically for youth in our planning process. At the Open House in 2013, WFN’s SD department held a Youth Engagement Session with the goal of developing a strategy by which to consult with our youth and keep them informed of WFN issues and opportunities. There were 7 youth in attendance at the session, Raven Plante was the lucky winner of a new ipad mini which was drawed off at the session. The session flyer was posted in the newsletter, personal invites were sent in a membership mail out as well as through email.

Communication was an issue that came up in the session, since many youth reside off Reserve and Band mail-outs are sent to members 18 years and above only. Since the gathering, a Facebook page has been created (WFN YOUTH) which has 48 members so far, it is a closed group to protect the integrity of the data shared within the group.

Mining Rocks Earth Science Program (2014) - Vale sponsored this program designed to illustrate real-world experience with Earth science, mineral exploration, and mining. Participants learned about rocks, minerals, and metal and their importance in everyday life, provincial and local geology, and the mining sequence in a serious of fun interactive activities.

Mining Matters (2013) – We brought Mining Matters to the 2013 Open House where youth were able to participate in Earth Science activities such as; Sand castle mining, Mineral discovery, and Stone carving.

Summer Science Series (2010-11) – Sustainable Development worked with the Wahnapitae First Nation youth program to develop a “Summer Science” youth capacity development series. Every Tuesday during the summer youth program was devoted to science based activities. Hans Matthews our resident geologist made paint with Mica with the kids, Heidi Manitowabi & Christian demonstrated how to take bore samples from trees and made crafts with them, and our GIS Specialist, Nicky Recollet did GPS training with them.

Each year SD employ summer students, takes on Coop placements & College interns.