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Stay Safe & Informed with the New Emergency Alert Program

We are excited to introduce the new Emergency Alert Program, an initiative aimed at increasing the safety and well-being of Wahnapitae First Nation members and its community, whether residing on- or off-reserve.

This program is facilitated by the Emergency Management Coordinator, utilizing the well-established application, Everbridge, to streamline communication during critical times and ensure that every community member is kept informed and safe during emergencies.

Who is it for?

This program is tailored to Wahnapitae First Nation and the surrounding area. Its sole purpose is to alert members and the community promptly in the event of emergencies.

Who is managing it?

The Emergency Alert System is managed by the Facilities & Infrastructure department, leveraging the advanced functionalities of the Everbridge application to ensure seamless communication during emergency events.

Why are we launching this program?

A significant part of the overall plan to enhance safety and foster better communication during emergency events, the introduction of this program is a step towards safeguarding our community members. It comes with an assurance of timely and efficient notification, helping everyone to stay informed of necessary actions and precautions during emergencies.

What triggers an alert?

An alert will be triggered under circumstances that require immediate attention and collective action from the community, such as natural disasters, severe weather conditions, evacuations, or other emergency situations that warrant community alertness and responsiveness.

How does it work?

Emergency alerts can be sent/received as electronic calls, texts, or emails. When you sign up for the program, you will be able to select the communication method that works best for you. This feature ensures that everyone gets emergency alerts at the same time in their preferred format.

We encourage everyone connected to WFN to actively participate and help foster a community where everyone is alert, informed, connected and safe.


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